The FinTech Conference, Valencia, March 2018

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The Fintech Conference, New York, November 2018

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The Fintech Conference, Valencia, March 2019

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FinTech Conference?

As part of our DNA, we work to create moments of sharing with others. Sharing knowledge, updating our networking capacities and exchanging the state-of-the-art of technology, innovation, and strategic direction.

Why is it different from the others?

This conference is unique for two reasons. First, because as academics, we like bringing together under one roof both academics and industry experts. Part of our conference day is devoted to understanding Fintech—the key issues, trends, and challenges from an industry point of view, while the second half of the day includes presentations of ideas and findings from academic research.
Second, the conference provides multiple networking opportunities where academic researchers are able to discuss their ideas and data challenges with industry experts. We believe that this proposed interaction of industry experts and academic researchers on Fintech opens opportunities for cutting-edge research on Fintech.

Can anyone attend the conferences?

Yes, again. We believe in the open science concept. In general terms, our conferences are open to public by pre-registration only. You can sign up in the conference web-site:

Can I be part of the conference speakers?

Yes, indeed. We welcome industry experts and anyone willing to share valuable knowledge and information about the conference topics. If you are interested in it, send an email to:

Can I host a FinTech Conference in my country?

Yes, sure. We like synergies and sharing both knowledge and benefits. We are already in the process of defining the dates for future events. So far, we are planning to include the following countries: Argentina, Chile, China , Colombia, France, Germany, Macedonia, Singapur, and South Korea. If you are interested in organizing it in your country, send an email to: